How to Draw Hair | Learn to Draw Hair [2023] 

How to Draw Hair overview 

While figuring out how to draw hair, one method for building up this stream and interconnectedness while working on the exactness of your attracting is to search for motions. Most frequently I propose to draw all block ins utilizing straight lines. Along these lines, you can ensure that each line outwardly prompts a different line in the drawing. Hair is truly challenging to draw, since what we see is not quite the same as what we know. You can’t just attract every one of the hairs the type of lines, since that is not what we see when we check hair out. What we see should be streamlined to lines and shades, and there are numerous ways of making it happen. If you have any desire to figure out how to draw hair, I trust the bit by bit drawing instructional exercises will show you how to do as such. 

How to Draw Hair: A Step-by-Step Tutorial 

The fact of the matter is that figuring out how to draw hair can feel like a steadily changing, overwhelming undertaking since it fluctuates such a huge amount from one haircut to another, expecting you to be entirely adaptable and imaginative in your methodology. In this instructional exercise, I will show you one of these ways a straightforward technique that is perfect for fast delivering and outlines. I will give this strategy a couple of models. 


It assists with making free blueprints of the skull before you begin drawing hair. In the event that you draw hair without the 3 layered state of the human head as a top priority, it will need volume and you risk hacking off a piece of the skull. Hair embraces the head, yet it isn’t put to it. For the vast majority with long hair, you can expect something like 2 centimeters of “hair level” on top of their genuine level and no less than 2 centimeters on the sides also. 

Draw dark to light

I generally track down the dim regions to begin my pencil line. Then I follow the stream toward the lightest regions. That is where my line will end. At the present time it might be ideal assuming you read my illustration on “Concealing” on the grounds that the light regions in hair will appear to be legit. The light regions are where the light bobs off the hair to your eye, similar to the high right on the money a singular twist or the high focuses around the crown of the head. 

Draw hard to soft    

I press hard when I start in a dim region and progressively discharge strain until the pencil stroke closes with only a murmur in a close by light region. 

Straight Hair 

  1. Lay in the Shape

Begin your drawing by laying in the general condition of the haircut with a pencil. 

  1. Apply the Darks

Then, at that point, apply dull pencil strokes to make the duplicity of length. Notice the gatherings of light. This is where the hair shows twists. 

  1. Mix, Reapply Darks and Lift

Then, blend the attracting with a stump. Reapply the dull locales using firm expedient strokes. 


How to draw hair in wavy using the following third types 

  1. Find the outline

Wavy hair will in general have less body than wavy hair, yet it’s still adequately thick to stand apart from the head. 

  1. Find the flow

Draw a few rules or bolts to get the directional progression of the hair right. Notice in your reference photographs how the hair never goes straight wild. ” I let the internal strands run into each other,” Sheep says. A little haphazardness adds authenticity. 

  1. Fill in strands

Get going spreading them out first, and afterward fill in the holes a while later, working from outside in, Sheep says. As you fill in the strands, you can utilize a more extensive brush to add aspect.

How to Paint Hair 

Assuming you have been thinking about how to paint hair, this instructional exercise is for you. In the event that you have never had a go at painting hair, check it out. It adds something remarkable to the haircut. 

How to Draw Wavy Hair  

  • My initial step was to draw the layout of the primary lock (the one which will be the foundation of our drawing), pursuing the heading in a S shape. Then, at that point, I filled it in to make its outline. 
  • At last, I added a few strands which move in totally unexpected headings in comparison to the first one, to adjust the drawing synthesis and make it more appealing. 

How to Draw Curly Hair 

  • Recollect while drawing hair twists that the lock twists itself around in a round and hollow shape. Do whatever it takes not to make this shape totally straight, generally the lock will wind up seeming to be a spring. 
  • Then I streamline, first drawing a lace. Perceive how it becomes more slender as it moves toward the tip. 

Set the darkest values 

One of the principal examples most specialists learn is that we can’t draw each and every strand of hair. Hair ought to be dealt with more like a shape or an idea. Notwithstanding, what is it that we do when we need to conceal practical hair? The underlying step is to go for the haziest qualities. To start with, like that, it will be more straightforward to isolate the hair into locks and afterward completely conceal it. 

How to Draw Hair the Sides 

Hair is impacted by gravity and, in actuality, on the highest point of the head, the hair on the sides tumbles down. The little volume it can have is a direct result of bobbing with the ears. Utilize a few short, bended strands to give it somewhat more volume however keep it near the head. 

Drawing Coily Hair 

  • Coily hair is portrayed by the way that the twists are little and near one another. In this manner, remember those while defining your boundaries for the fundamental design. 
  • In contrast to twists, with coily hair you can consolidate circles anyplace in the hair strand on the grounds that the hair construction will hold the twist well even with the heaviness of an extremely lengthy strand. 
  • In the subsequent stage, follow the singular hairs of the coily hair strand with a more obscure pencil. 
  • To make the strand look light, incorporate free spaces inside the strand and draw numerous singular hairs that follow the general line yet follow their own way. 

How to Draw Hair Necessary Materials 

We will utilize graphite pencils and pens. Pencils are useful for hair drawing as they furnish us with a layout like imprint making process which we will then apply pen over to rejuvenate our drawing. Involving a pen as a drawing medium can imitate the practical differentiation characteristics that we find in physical designs. We utilize the pen as a method for bringing the drawing out and making it pop. 

A full arrangement of pencils 

  • An eraser 
  • A sharpener 
  • A ballpoint pens 
  • Great paper 
  • Source material 


Why Is Drawing Hair So Hard? 

Drawing hair is troublesome on the grounds that it has a ton of profundity and surface. There’s nothing level about hair. So, in any event, while drawing an animation, you should make a 3D component for the hair. 

What Is the Most straightforward Hairdo to Draw? 

Straight or somewhat wavy animation hair is the simplest to draw. Practical hair is the most hard to draw. 

How Would I Work on Drawing Hair? 

To work on drawing hair, you should simply begin. You can utilize any paper and pencil to begin and become alright with various methods. Contrast your outcomes a half year prior with your outcomes now to see your improvement. 

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These are general methodologies that we can use to make hair drawings seem to be hair. To go further, defy the norms. There is nothing out of sorts in overlooking gravity, or overstating the volume of hairdos, or making hair made of fire. There are so many prospects we can play with to make new things. I trust this article on How to draw hair has been useful for you. In the event that you wish to see a portion of my works, kindly view my interpersonal organizations and my portfolio. 

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