Ogee Makeup | Advantages and disadvantages of Ogee [2024]

Ogee Makeup Reviews

On the off chance that you haven’t seen on TikTok, Ogee makeup is exploding. In particular, the perfect excellence brand’s Precious stone Form Assortment. Including three stick cosmetics items, the assortment attempts to shape your face, add a wonderful feature to your cheekbones, and make a pop of variety. The Ogee brand incorporates both cosmetics (think colored etched lip oil, lipsticks with different lip tones, and etched face sticks) and skincare items (like jojoba sparkle face oil, brilliant organic face fog, and reestablishment cream). I like this brand since it’s without brutality, sans gluten, guaranteed natural, without goo, and highlights regular fixings like cold-squeezed jojoba oil, peppermint rejuvenating ointment, and hyaluronic corrosive.

While there are a lot of successes from the Ogee brand, I will zero in my Ogee makeup survey on the Gem Shape Assortment and the Ogee Etched Coloring Stick.

I previously ran over this brand on TikTok when it was highlighted in one of Mikayla’s TikTok’s and was subsequently stunned when an email from the brand showed up in my inbox asking just me if I had any desire to try out their items. I without hesitation seized the chance since I consistently use cream base items and was truly intrigued to attempt their items for myself so I, obviously, said OK which drives me to share the present post.

What is Ogee?

Ogee is a progressive line of cosmetics items made by cosmetics craftsman and business visionary, Carly Figueredo. The organization’s fundamental center is to give clients quality ogee makeup items are explicitly custom-made to their skin type and needs. The Ogee line comprises of shape sets, face sticks, eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, and substantially more. With the great many items accessible, you can make any look under the sun with Ogee makeup.

backed ingredients of ogee makeup

  • Beeswax was displayed in a clinical preliminary distributed in the AAPS Pharma SciTech diary to further develop skin dampness content and fix skin hindrance capability.
  • Jojoba seed oil is one of the best normal creams, and may have hostile to maturing impacts as well as saturating impacts as indicated by a 2013 clinical survey.
  • Espresso seed oil was displayed in a clinical preliminary distributed in the Diary of Corrective Dermatology to expand collagen and elastin creation in skin. The review creators recommend that this fixing “could work on physiological equilibrium in the skin.”
  • Iron oxides are the cleanest normally determined colorants for colored restorative items, and a lot more grounded than fake colors. As we archived in our Il Mariage audits article on another famous beauty care products brand containing this fixing, iron oxides are non-harmful and clinically displayed to shield skin from UV harm.
  • Patchouli was displayed in a 2022 clinical preliminary to significantly affect skin cells in a test tube climate.
  • Elderberry is a cell reinforcement rich natural product that was displayed in a clinical preliminary to switch the fiery reaction in human skin cells.

Power of Ogee makeup and their Foundation

Section 1: Individual Experience and Point of view Drawing from our own restorative experiences, we share interesting bits of knowledge into the groundbreaking properties of Ogee Establishment. Its lightweight equation easily skims onto the skin, giving immaculate inclusion that endures over the course of the day. We uncover how this establishment improves regular excellence while advancing a brilliant coloring.

Section 2: Examination and Examination Information Through thorough statistical surveying and examination information investigation, we shed light on latest things driving shopper inclinations inside the makeup business. Measurable data features Ogee makeup Establishment’s rising prominence because of its excellent quality, variety of shades appropriate for each complexion, and positive audits from fulfilled clients.

Section 3: Investigating Restorative Fixings Diving profound into corrective fixing viability and materialness is vital in understanding the reason why Ogee Establishment sticks out. We analyze key parts, for example, natural oils and herbal concentrates known for their sustaining properties. By featuring their helpful impacts on skin quality and generally speaking prosperity, we show how these fixings put Ogee makeup Establishment aside from different establishments available.

Ogee Blush

Ogee is a perfect marvel brand where all the cosmetics and skincare is planned with the purpose to make the cleanest, and most natural items conceivable. Large numbers of their items incorporate enemy of maturing benefits, and are appropriate for all skin types, be it slick, dry, or mix.

I have blend skin, however have been breaking out on my cheeks in any event, when I don’t wear cosmetics. I can securely say, however, that Ogee is certainly not a contributing element to my breakouts. The recipe is lightweight and velvety without being sleek, and gets an A+ in the mixing class — much more so than Milk Cosmetics. I for one utilize the shade “Carnelian” which is depicted as a radiant coral with some sparkle. The distinctions between Milk Cosmetics Stick Lip and Cheek Color (mine is in the shade “Werk”) and Ogee’s etched face stick in the shade “Carnelian” are unobtrusive, yet for me are sufficient to warrant Ogee makeup beating the competition. While Werk is more pigmented, Carnelian is all the more simple to mix and layer, which makes a more normal completion.

Ogee Cosmetics Advantages and disadvantages


  • Upgrades regular excellence: Ogee makeup upgrades normal magnificence by featuring your elements in an unpretentious manner.
  • Sensible for all skin types: Ogee makeup is suitable for all skin types, whether you have smooth, dry, or mix skin.
  • Speedy and simple: Ogee cosmetic is fast and simple to do, making it ideal for regular use.
  • Versatile: Ogee cosmetic can be adjusted for any event, from an easygoing outing to a conventional night occasion.


  • Limited consideration: Ogee beauty care products offers confined incorporation, which may not be fitting for those with blemishes or various imperfections they need to camouflage.
  • Less sensational: Ogee makeup is less emotional than other cosmetics procedures, which may not be reasonable for the people who favor a more intense and impressive look.
  • Requires practice: While ogee beauty care products is easy to do, it really anticipates that training should perfect the system.
  • May not keep going long: Ogee cosmetics may not keep going as long as other cosmetics strategies, which might require continuous final details over the course of the day.

skincare enthusiast Prime Wand Trinity

Mature skin longs for hydration, and I’m such a sucker for ogee makeup that pairs as skincare. I’ve found that items that do exclude saturating fixings generally sink into my scarcely discernible differences, leaving my skin looking dull and dried out basically something contrary to what I’m attempting to accomplish.

Each of the three Prime Wand items are hydrating and abandon a dewy, young completion, yet Support is a sacred goal cream completely all alone. Indeed, even on days I don’t want to wear any ogee makeup whatsoever, I actually use it first thing in the wake of cleaning up (and before my sunscreen, obviously!).

Feed drenches squarely into any difficult times I have and levels out my tone impeccably. As a little something extra, it likewise incorporates delicate, mending fixings I can feel significantly better about like olive oil, avocado oil, bioactive supplements, beet concentrate, and honey.

Pregnancy Safe Skincare and ogee Makeup Products

  • Assuming that you are pregnant or attempting to consider, have you contemplated your excellent items? Not all skincare and ogee makeup is protected to use for pregnancy. Also, genuinely, who needs to go through hours exploring which fixings you ought to stay away from in your skincare assuming you are pregnant? Is it protected to utilize your #1 retinol serum or what might be said about benzoyl peroxide to treat your chemical related flaws?
  • Right when I was pregnant with my most vital youth, I had a huge anxiety second over my gloriousness things. I was a trained professional and examining all of the fixing records and acknowledging which ones I expected to swear off was especially startling! I made a couple out of posts about the cycle, peruses started getting explanation on major problems, and all through the drawn out pregnancy safe wonderfulness things formed into a consistently expanding number of posts on Brief Greatness. I’ve endeavored to take the entire cycle and make it significantly easier for my peruses.
  • I suggest beginning with my Pregnancy Skincare digital book. Indeed, you really want to buy into my pamphlet to get it, yet it is generally free! I guarantee, I don’t email frequently, and when I do it is with useful pregnancy magnificence refreshes. The digital book portrays my way to deal with pregnancy skincare, why I think you want a “center” of items that you use all through your pregnancy.

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What does Ogee mean?

Ogee infers the S shape twist of the cheekbone. It addresses a characteristic energy and excellence that skin trained professionals and specialists” frequently try to “reestablish.” Our items are a painless lift to the skin that assists with saving regular youth and magnificence naturally.

What are Ogee sticks?

Ogee offers at least a couple cosmetics stick varieties, including:

  • Coloring Stick
  • Form Assortments
  • Lipstick

Where are Ogee makeup beauty care products made?

They source the best fixings from around the globe, including their legend fixing Jojoba Oil, obtained from an economical homestead in the USA. The items are mixed, filled, affirmed, and bundled in the US utilizing 100 percent reused paperboard. You can find us settled in Burlington, Vermont.

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